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Changes in Ig G responses to individual antigens were identified by phage immunoblot.

Patterns of Ig G recognition following three months of treatment were evaluated using a machine-learned Bayesian Belief Network (ML-BBN).

This review highlights recent advances and clinical trials in immunotherapy for prostate cancer, along with current thoughts on immunologic and clinical monitoring of these trials.

It was estimated that 232,090 men would be diagnosed with prostate cancer and 30,350 would die from the disease during 2005 [1].

The findings from current trials and the demonstrated potential to combine vaccines with conventional therapies herald a promising future for the treatment of prostate cancer.

An apparatus that authenticates the contents of identification documents provided by different issuers having machine-readable and/or human readable information is disclosed. The frequent use of driver licenses allows the licenses to serve as tools to detect or uncover individuals who are being sought out because of being subject to pending criminal prosecution.