Christian dating long distance relationships

30-Dec-2017 23:01

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Through a series of recent events an old friend came back into my life.But he is back in Michigan, and I am three states away.My ex-boyfriend and I lived about four hours away from each other, and even though that wasn’t much of a distance, I learned a few things about what it takes to keep long-distance relationships healthy. Some people are satisfied with communicating primarily through text messages and social media.Others might rely more on phone conversations or Skype.A couple's devotional, books, articles, websites, or tips would be much appreciated!HE SAID: Having been in an occupation where I have spent upwards of two hundred days a year away from my home, I have had to learn, maintain and incorporate strategies in order to grow a long-distance relationship and I applaud you for seeking new ways in your own.

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You miss a long-distance friend, but you really miss a long-distance love.Communication is first and foremost, and technology has aided in maintaining connectedness to those away from each other.