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In this tutorial, you learn how to use regular expression support.This new feature is introduced in Oracle Database 10g.You can also use the SQL cursor number to obtain information about the SQL statement that you are executing.You must use the CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE vc_array IS TABLE OF VARCHAR2(200); / CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE numlist IS TABLE OF NUMBER; / CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE do_query_1 ( placeholder vc_array, bindvars vc_array, sql_stmt VARCHAR2 ) IS TYPE curtype IS REF CURSOR; src_cur curtype; curid NUMBER; bindnames vc_array; empnos numlist; depts numlist; ret NUMBER; isopen BOOLEAN; BEGIN CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE do_query_2 (sql_stmt VARCHAR2) IS TYPE curtype IS REF CURSOR; src_cur curtype; curid NUMBER; desctab DBMS_SQL.and just to clarify on performance issues: Speed: doesn't that check constraint take a tiny amount more time than validating against conformance to a particular datatypes?Space: if I'm using a fixed width multi-byte character set, doesn't a char(1) boolean take up more space than a universal boolean would?

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However, to write native dynamic SQL code, you must know at compile time the number and data types of the input and output variables of the dynamic SQL statement.Sorry if this sounds whiney, but it's something I find myself explaining to nearly every new Oracle developer, and I've never heard a really good reason for why not.

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